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Contribute with your time, with your love and smile.

Our hinterland is immense and thirsty for care. Help us to continue generating fruit and enabling more country people to dream and hope for a future and a present with more dignity and happiness.


Meet the Água Viva Institute!

Our Pillars



Aiming for a better future for the children of the Sertão, volunteers come together to participate in the development of the future of Brazil, taking care of a promising youth, who needs love and special care. The activities are carried out during school hours and range from ballet, literacy, English, tutoring to music classes. And the main thing: children and young people from the countryside learn about universal values that are fundamental to the formation of human character.



The Institute offers 03 vans that are medical and dental offices. Each van operates in a macroregion of the northeastern hinterland, covering about 400 communities. Together, they serve almost 15,000 people a year. Our greatest pride is being able to bring medical help to a needy population in the Sertão, where many of these Sertanejos have never had the opportunity to receive medical care. Eighty percent of our doctors are volunteers from all over Brazil!


Generation of


One of the Institute's great goals is to create opportunities for work and income for the sertanejos and, for this, we insert projects according to the community's demand. In Aguada Nova-Lapão-BA, we have the 1,000m2 Textile Factory with the capacity to produce uniforms for all of Brazil at competitive costs and with quality. In a social survey conducted in 2019, 100% of employees said they were very satisfied and have dreams of growing inside the factory. Altogether, the income programs employ 350 people. Our pride in being able to bring economic and social development to the sertão.



The IAV Sports Schools play an important social role, contribute to physical and psychological training and allow children and adolescents to have a healthier life.

Be a transforming agent.

Be the Living Water that the northeast needs.

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Supporting the backcountry family to develop in an integral way, providing access to information and the discovery of potential for social, economic and educational development.

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